Who Killed Georgia Line Of Duty?

Why was Akers killed in line of duty?

Why was Akers killed in the ambush.

“Prasad in his testimony at the start said that Akers was killed because she knew too much about the plotting of the ambush.”.

Who killed Tommy in line of duty?

Denton was the main antagonist of series two, investigated by AC-12 for her role in an ambush that killed Tommy Hunter (when he was in a police witness protection programme) and officer Jayne Akers.

What happened to Mike Dryden?

Michael Edward “Mike” Dryden is the former Deputy Chief Constable of Central Police. He is currently serving a suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice.

Does DCI Denton die?

Lindsay Denton played by Keeley Hawes is killed off by Dot Cottan in thrilling episode of Line of Duty – Radio Times.

Did Arnott and Denton sleep together?

Technically Arnott didn’t sleep with Denton but he did lead her on and while she absolutely would “say anything” to gain freedom it’s also true that Arnott saw an advantage and played it, unfortunately not well enough to avoid “giving away a penalty” as Hastings so astutely remarked.

Who Killed Georgia Trotman?

DC Georgia Trotman (Jessica Raine) She’d been on-screen for precisely 45 minutes when the duo raced to the hospital to protect a seriously injured witness, only to find him being murdered by an assassin disguised as a nurse.

Is Di Lindsay Denton guilty?

She had made a special point of collecting her mum’s belongings’ and that was where she had hidden the cash she had been paid to move the witness from the safehouse. We later learned she had pleaded not guilty to being involved in the murders but was convicted and now serving life.

What height is Keeley Hawes?

1.73 mKeeley Hawes/Height

Is Lindsay Denton a real person?

Three years since her final appearance in Line Of Duty as DI Lindsay Denton, Keeley Hawes is to star as a real-life detective in new ITV drama Honour.

Is AC 12 a real department?

AC-12 is a fictional unit, but the show tries to stay “as close to the right procedures as possible”, according to an interview by writer Jed Mercurio to The Radio Times.

Who is Steve Arnott girlfriend?

Railston and DS Steve Arnott are revealed to be in a relationship, meeting eachother after work in a police station car park and discussing celebrating their one year anniversary.

How does Lindsay Denton die?

After a thrilling car ride and what we reckon was the most tense stand-off on British television this year, Lindsay was shot dead by Cotton (Craig Parkinson) at point blank range in the passenger seat, leaving her blood and brains splattered all over the car window. But of course wily Lindsay got her revenge first.

Is line of duty based on a true story?

The real AC-12: discover the police anti-corruption officers who inspired Line of Duty. This was first published in March 2017. … Set in a fictional police force – the first series was shot in Birmingham, the subsequent three in Belfast – it follows the activities of AC-12, a small anti-corruption unit.

Does DS Arnott die?

One of the most spectacular moments of the last series came at the end of the third episode, when balaclava man struck DS Arnott with a baseball bat, causing him to fall three floors down a stairwell.

What happened to Carly Kirk line of duty?

Manish Prasad and Tommy Hunter then drive up, and Hunter assaults Carly Kirk and attempts to drag her into their car. She manages to escape and run away but is perused by Prasad. In the epilogue, we learn that the body was indeed not that of Carly Kirk, and she is seen alive next to a ferry.