What Is A Good Tip In Argentina?

Do you tip taxi drivers in Chile?

Taxis not normally tipped unless the driver goes out of their way to help you with something.

For these reasons, always good to stockpile 100 and 500 peso coins and 1000 and 2000 peso bills for tips..

Is tipping expected in Philippines?

Overall, tipping is usually not expected so the staff are not offended when you do not give a tip. … Philippines was traditionally a non tipping culture but tipping is increasingly common among the local population. Locals often round up the taxi fare, so if the fare was P88, they give P100 to the taxi driver.

Are Dollars accepted in Chile?

Unlike some other countries in South America, US Dollars are rarely accepted. Luckily, exchanging your cash for Chilean Pesos shouldn’t prove too hard, even if you leave it to the last minute.

Can you flush toilet paper in Chile?

You can’t Flush the Toilet Paper. Apparently this is a thing alllll over South America, not only Chile. In some newer establishments, this isn’t a problem, but it’s still a norm in most places to ‘throw out’ your toilet paper, rather than flush it!

Can you drink the tap water in Chile?

The tap water in Chile’s cities is generally safe but has a high mineral content that can cause stomach upsets; bottled water is a good idea for delicate stomachs and in the north. Vigorous boiling for one minute is the most effective means of water purification.

Is tipping compulsory in Chile?

Tipping in Chile is essentially voluntary. However, it is often expected, and tips can be an important contribution to many service workers’ wages, so do tip.

How much should you tip in Chile?

Regardless of the standard in your home country, the accepted norm for waiter tips in Chile is 10%. In fact, the bill you get will often suggest the tip or propina of 10%. The challenge for you may be even getting the check. In Chile, it is customary to ask for the check.

Is English widely spoken in Chile?

Certainly, English is widely spoken in most established tourist destinations, so it’s not essential. Visit Santiago, Los Lagos, or tour Chilean wine country and tour guides will speak English. … Luckily, English speakers visiting Chile have nothing to fear.

What is the best currency to take to Chile?

pesosIt’s best to pay all transactions in pesos. Wire transfers should arrive in a few days. Chilean banks can give you money in US dollars on request.