Quick Answer: What Is The Plural Of Simpatico?

What is the plural of Fácil?

fácil (plural fáceis, comparable).

What is the plural of dificil?

difícil (plural difíceis, comparable)

How do you use simpatico in a sentence?

He felt excited by his discoveries and wished there was someone simpatico whom he could share it with. George is obviously a simpatico friend, but can’t resist subtly skewering his pals.

Where is the accent in simpatico?

Simpatico is Spanish and Italian for sympathetic (the Spanish word has an accent over the a), and the English simpatico, which entered the language in the late 19th century, is roughly synonymous with sympathetic without bearing that word’s baggage.

What is a simpatico relationship?

1.1Having or characterized by shared attributes or interests; compatible. ‘a simpatico relationship’ ‘The two obviously have a simpatico relationship and their working methods, however different they might be individually, complement one another in a seemingly natural manner.

What is the plural of Feliz?

feliz (plural felices)

What is the plural of inteligente?

The plural form of “inteligente” is inteligentes.

What is the plural of Trabajador?

trabajador (feminine singular trabajadora, masculine plural trabajadores, feminine plural trabajadoras)

What is the plural of Guapa?

So “guapas” is the plural form for guapa.