Quick Answer: What Are The Rudest States In America?

What state has the meanest drivers?

10 States with the Rudest DriversStateMost common complaint:1.

IdahoSlow drivers2.

Washington, D.C.Aggressive drivers3.

New YorkDisrespect4.

WyomingSelfish drivers6 more rows.

What are the rudest countries?

Top 10 rudest countries in the world:France.Russia.United Kingdom.Germany.China.USA.Spain.Italy.More items…

What is the rudest city in the world?

The Votes Are In: Here Are The Rudest Cities In The WorldNewark, New Jersey. via The New York Times. It’s definitely not surprising to see that a New Jersey city made the list of the rudest cities, but considering this factors in every city in the world, that in itself says quite a bit. … Los Angeles, California. via Pinterest. … New York, New York. via Pinterest.

What is the least friendliest state?

New YorkNew York is the least friendly state in the entire country, according to an annual ranking from a global travel website that was released Monday.