Quick Answer: Is BT WIFI Fon Free For BT Customers?

How do I get BT WiFi with FON?

You can find hotspots by looking at www.btwifi.com/find or by using the hotspot finder within the BT Wi-fi app.

When you’re out and about, you also see our BT Wi-fi networks in your wi-fi settings.

This means you are standing in range of a hotspot and can connect using our BT Wi-fi app..

Can anyone use BT WiFi with FON?

BT Wi-fi hotspots are free and unlimited for all our BT Broadband customers or you can buy one of our voucher or subscription products if you are a non-BT Broadband customer.

How many devices can I connect to BT WiFi FON?

Yes. At the same Fon Spot, you can connect using more than one device at the same time (up to a maximum of 3 connections per Fon account). However, at different Fon Spots it is not possible to connect using the same account at the same time.

How do I get free WiFi?

WiFi Map is available for iOS and Android….Make Use of Hotspot Database AppsFree WiFi Connect – This is another app that you can use to find free WiFi. … Instabridge Free WiFi Hotspots and Passwords – Instabridge claims to have over 4 million WiFi passwords from a community of people who share them.More items…•

Can someone on the same WiFi see your history?

WiFi providers can see your browsing history, every web page you have been visiting while connected to their WiFi network. … The traffic is encrypted, so the WiFi admins cannot see the web pages contents but WiFi provider can still see your browsing history and all the pages you have been browsing.

Can BT see my internet history?

In theory internet service providers (ISPs) can “see” everything a user chooses to do online including every website they visit. But BT, one of the biggest British ISPs, says: “In terms of internet usage BT doesn’t keep a record of any of our customers’ browsing activity as we have no business need for this.”

Does BT WiFi with Fon cost money?

If you are a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer, BT Wi-fi hotspots are free to use. Even if you aren’t a BT customer, you can still use our hotspots.

What is BT WiFi with FON?

BT Fon was the residential offering, where people joined Fon and agreed to share the unused portion of their internet connection in exchange for a world of free WiFi. BT Openzone was in public areas such as airports.

How do I stop BT WiFi with FON?

How do I opt out of BT Wi-fi?Log into My BT >Choose Your package and then Inclusive extras.Scroll down to BT Wi-fi and click on Manage BT Wifi.Scroll down and click on the Opt out of BT Wi-fi drop-down, and then the Opt out of BT Wi-fi button.

Is BT with Fon unlimited?

Any BT Broadband customer who has opted into BT Wi–fi gives you unlimited minutes at BT Wi–fi and Fon hotspots.

Can a Neighbour use my WiFi?

It’s rather unlikely that your neighbour (or anyone else) will have access to your Wi-Fi network unless you have given them the password. … Consumer Wi-Fi routers aren’t particularly good at handling connections from multiple devices and may slow down or even drop connections.

How can I tell if someone is using my BT WiFi?

How to check who is using your BT Hub’s wi-fiOpen the My BT app and select Home Network.Select Settings.Select Connected devices.Select the device you want to get more information for.The band, link rate, IP address and MAC address will be displayed.

How can I use BT FON for free?

Free wi-fi access is just a click away thanks to BT’s network of over 5 million UK hotspots….Get online away from home with the BT Wi-Fi appStep 1: Install the BT Wi-fi app and log in. … Step 2: Find a BT Wi-fi hotspot. … Step 3: Connect to the hotspot. … Step 4: Find more hotspots and use filters. … Step 5: Hotspot alert settings.

Can BT WiFi see what you are doing?

Its not possible to view website browsing history from the home hub, but it may be possible via BT Parental controls. Otherwise you would have to use a router which supports this function. … If you simply want to restrict website access, then BT Parental controls will do that.

Why does my WIFI keep connecting to BT with FON?

If you have connected to BT Wi-fi, BT Fon or Openzone in the past, it will have been automatically added to the list of your preferred wireless networks. … So if BT Wi-fi is higher in the list than your BT Hub and both wireless networks are in range then you will be automatically connected to BT Wi-fi.