Question: What Does It Mean To Be On The Lookout?

Is Lookout one word or two words?

Armies sometimes use lookouts to scout for approaching troops, and navy ships include a lookout at the top of a tall mast, also called a “crow’s nest.” Lookout can also be spelled as a hyphenated word, “look-out,” and used as well to refer to the person whose job it is to stay in the lookout and keep watch..

Will keep an eye out synonym?

Synonyms for keep an eye out in English look out for; keep an eye out; watch out; watch for; be on the lookout; spy on; spy; play the spy.

What is a lookout tower called?

A fire lookout tower, fire tower or lookout tower, provides housing and protection for a person known as a “fire lookout” whose duty it is to search for wildfires in the wilderness.

What is another word for waiting?

What is another word for waiting?latencysuspensionlayoffdowntimestaydelayhaltarrestinterludecheck66 more rows

What does look after mean?

(look after someone/something) to take care of someone or something and make certain that they have everything they need. It’s hard work looking after three children all day. be well looked after: You could tell that the car had been well looked after.

What does look out for mean?

(look out for someone/something) to look carefully at people or things around you in order to try to find a particular person or thing. We were told to look out for a blue van. Synonyms and related words. – To search for something or someone.

Will look out for it meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlook out for somebody/something phrasal verb1 to pay attention to what is happening around you, so that you will notice a particular person or thing if you see them → lookout Look out for your Aunt while you’re at the station.

Do you keep a lookout?

If you are keeping a lookout for something or are on the lookout for it, you are alert and careful about it, either because you do not want to miss it or because it will be unpleasant or harmful and you need to avoid it.

What is the meaning of look into?

(look into something) to try to discover the facts about something such as a problem or a crime. I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline have promised to look into the matter. Synonyms and related words. + To try to find out information.

Should be on the lookout meaning?

: to watch or search for (something or someone) : be alert to Be on the lookout for flooded roads after heavy rainstorms. The police officer walked through the neighborhood, keeping a (sharp) lookout for any suspicious activity.

What’s another word for Lookout?

What is another word for lookout?outlookposthawklookout pointlookout stationlookout towerobservationstationviewpointcoastguard station15 more rows

What does Prospect mean?

anticipation; expectation; a looking forward. something in view as a source of profit. a potential or likely customer, client, etc. a potential or likely candidate. a view, especially of scenery; scene.

Is Lookout a word?

noun. the act of looking out or keeping watch. a watch kept, as for something that may happen.

How do you use look out?

look out for​ to try to avoid something bad happening or doing something bad synonym watch out. You should look out for pickpockets. Do look out for spelling mistakes in your work.​to keep trying to find something or meet somebody. I’ll look out for you at the conference. related noun lookout.

What is it called when you only look out for yourself?

If you can’t stop talking about yourself and obsess constantly about the way you look, you could be exhibiting narcissistic tendencies, meaning you’re obsessed with yourself, especially your outside appearance. … The adjective narcissistic describes those who are excessively self-absorbed, especially about their looks.