Is Sombra The Girl Soldier 76 Saved?

Who is Soldier 76 boyfriend?

Blizzard introduced a new character in Overwatch’s lore as part of a short story, Bastet.

Though the majority of the story focuses on the relationship between Ana and Soldier: 76, there’s another relationship explored—one between a younger Soldier: 76, then called Jack Morrison, and a man named Vincent.


Is tracer a guy?

Tracer is a girl, reaper a boy, Winston a gorilla, and zenyatta a machine aka no gender or neutral.

How tall is Genji?

The Overwatch Wiki lists McCree’s official height at 6′1″ (approx. 185cm). Again, I don’t know where that came from, but looking at McCree it seems about right. I’m guessing any height between 6′ and 6′3″ is a pretty accurate estimate for him; so between 71″ and 75″ (180cm to 190.5cm).

Who did soldier 76 save?

AlejandraThough they managed to escape, Soldier: 76 did save the life of a young girl named Alejandra.

What race is roadhog?

RoadhogNationalityAustralianOccupationEnforcer (formerly) BodyguardBaseJunkertown, Australia (formerly)AffiliationAustralian Liberation Front (formerly) Junkers (formerly)13 more rows

Why is Soldier 76 called that?

It’s a reminder of where he came from, the path that brought him to where he is now. It’s only fitting. In short, his name comes from his designation in the Soldier Enhancement Program, he was called Soldier: 76 and his good friend Gabriel was Soldier: 24.

How much health does Soldier 76 have?

Soldier: 76CosmeticsCosmetic pageQuotesQuotation pageRoleDamageHealth20014 more rows

How old is Junkrat?

25JunkratReal NameJamison FawkesAge25NationalityAustralianOccupationAnarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger13 more rows

Is Soldier 76 a queer?

Solider 76 is the second “Overwatch” character to be identified as queer. Tracer, a British hero, was confirmed to be a lesbian in an official comic book from 2016.

Is Soldier 76 still good?

Soldier 76 is mediocre in nearly any occasion compared to McCree. Accurate, they’re always competing in the hitscan role, when one performs better the other never gets used. Same thing usually happens between Mercy & Ana. Recently that’s not the case.

How old is Genji?

35GenjiOverwatch Overwatch 2Real NameGenji Shimada (島田源氏)AliasesSparrowAge3513 more rows

Is Soldier 76 a dad?

Most Overwatch characters are not related to each other, but as far as the community is concerned? The roster might as well be a big ‘ol family. Soldier 76, with his grumpy gruffness and ample experience in the field, is of course the dad.

Is Sombra soldier 76 daughter?

She is his daughter, and she is Sombra. …

What’s Sombras real name?

Olivia ColomarHer real name is Olivia Colomar, revealed in the “Searching” online comic. She was born within the fictional city of Dorado, Mexico, the same year that the Overwatch organization was established, and is a native speaker of Spanish.

How much damage does Soldier 76 Do per bullet?

Soldier: 76’s main tool of justice is his Heavy Pulse Rifle, an automatic rifle that deals up to 20 damage per bullet. It has damage drop-off, but as a hitscan hero, he’s integral for helping in taking down slippery foes like Tracer, Hammond, or Pharah.