Is Avatar OK For A 9 Year Old?

What is the age rating for Avatar?

PG-13Since Avatar was rated PG-13, there were limitations on when and how the movie could be marketed to children under that age..

What is venom rated PG 13 for?

‘Venom’ is rated PG-13 because Sony reportedly wants Spider-Man and Venom to ‘face off’ in the future. “Venom” is officially rated PG-13, not R as some fans expected. According to Erik Davis, managing editor of Fandango, it’s so that “Venom and Spider-Man can face off at some point down the line.”

Is Avatar on Disney plus?

While Disney’s new streaming service will only have seven Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies at launch, it has confirmed it will have Avatar. The James Cameron-directed epic will be available alongside the launch of Disney Plus on Nov. 12, it was announced Friday.

What age is venom?

Venom has a rating of 15 from the British Board of Film Classification. The USA has Venom at a PG-13 rating, which means anyone under 13 needs a parent or guardian to accompany them to the cinema.

Is Venom suitable for a 9 year old?

Venom isn’t a movie for LITTLE kids (I’d think twice about taking anyone under 10), but youngsters who are familiar with the character will know what to expect. My 11-year-old had no issues with Venom, at all.

Is Avatar suitable for a 10 year old?

Due to the constant strong language and some moderate violence during the action scenes, we would not recommend this movie for younger children, instead suggesting that an age range of kids aged 10 and over is more appropriate.

Can my 5 year old watch Avatar?

The movie is rated PG-13. That means ANY child below 13 can come in as long as he is accompanied by a parent. The burden is really on us to decide what is age-appropriate for our children.

Who are Aang’s kids?


Why Is Avatar a 12?

Why is Avatar rated PG-13? Avatar is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking. … Characters engage in warfare, resulting in numerous injuries and deaths.

Is Avatar a movie?

Avatar2009Avatar 22021Avatar 32024Avatar 42025Avatar Series/Movies

Can a 6 year old watch Avatar?

This means that, whilst children under 12 can see it, they must be accompanied by an adult. It also implies that the content is more grown up than your average U or PG film. Avatar is an action adventure set on an alien world, so it looks like it has all the ingredients that children love.

Is Avatar OK for kids to watch?

Great Movie for Older Kids and Teens I found it really good. It is a science fiction/action movie with lots of special effects. There was lots of action, and quite a few battle scenes.

Is there anything inappropriate in Avatar?

It’s a PG13 movie. It has a bit of swearing (military characters talking like military characters), and the native Na’vi dress like people tend to dress in tropical climates with low nudity taboos.

What age rating is Venom 2?

PG-13Venom 2 Rating Will Probably Be PG-13 Despite Carnage | Collider.