How Do You Make A Mash Referral?

What is mash referral?

A MASH contact (previously known as a MASH enquiry) is the name given to professionals contacting MASH about safeguarding concerns that they have for a child, where they think that they may require Children’s Social Care involvement..

What happens after a mash referral?

MASH team are responsible for providing referrers with appropriate and proportionate feedback about the progress of the case whilst in MASH. After a Manager has considered your referral and a decision has been made, you will receive a notification or a ‘Feedback to Referrer’ informing you of the outcome.

What documents are included in safeguarding records?

3 Contents of the Safeguarding File:Basic Information relevant to the child; (could include a genogram)Up to date key contacts (family and professionals)Index to sections.Chronology.Case Notes: ongoing daily events/telephone calls, records of discussions with colleagues, other agencies, services, parents and children.More items…

Where would you find information to make a referral to children’s social care mash?

Referrals must be made in one of the following ways:By contacting the relevant Children’s Social Care office (See Local Contacts) (in Trafford, MARAT);In an emergency outside office hours, by contacting Children’s Social Care Out of Hours Service / Emergency Duty Team (See Local Contacts) or the Police;More items…

Who can make a referral to the safeguarding team?

Where the concern is about a child and someone in connection with your organisation is accused of causing the harm or abuse, reporting will involve speaking to your local authority designated officer (LADO). Every local authority has either one person or a whole team in this role.

What does MASH team do?

The MASH is a team of co-located multi agency safeguarding partners, operating in a secure fire-walled environment with access to their agency’s electronic data, who research, interpret and determine appropriate information sharing in relation to children, young people (and vulnerable adults) at risk of immediate and / …

What is the purpose of MASH?

What is the aim of MASH? The purpose of MASH is to make the right decisions for the right families at the right time. This in turn will ensure timely and necessary actions will improve the outcomes for vulnerable children.

What constitutes a safeguarding concern?

A safeguarding concern is when you are worried about the safety or well-being of a child or adult because of something seen or heard, or information which has been given to you.

Who is involved in a MASH team?

A MASH team comprises of a group of practitioners, still employed by their individual agencies (local authority, police, probation, health services, etc) but co-located in one office.

Is Mash a social services?

About MASH The MASH is the county’s first point of contact for new safeguarding concerns and has significantly improved the sharing of information between agencies, helping to protect the most vulnerable children and adults from harm, neglect and abuse.

What is a mash assessment?

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Page | 2. Within the MASH, information from partner agencies will be collated to assess risk and decide what action to take. As a result, the agencies will be able to act quickly, in a coordinated and consistent way, ensuring that vulnerable children and families are kept safe.

How long does a mash referral take?

2-4-hourIn these circumstances, referrals will be made quickly to partner agencies within the MASH where a strategy discussion will be held. All strategy discussions are held within a 2-4-hour timeframe and the referral information and risks to the child will be fully considered by partner agencies.

What is a mash team in social services?

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) brings key professionals together to facilitate early, better quality information sharing, analysis and decision-making, to safeguard vulnerable children and young people more effectively.

If the information is confidential, but there is a safeguarding concern, sharing it may be justified. … It is good practice to try to gain the person’s consent to share information. As long as it does not increase risk, practitioners should inform the person if they need to share their information without consent.

When should I make a safeguarding referral?

A referral should be made to MASH when:A child or young person makes a clear allegation of abuse;A child has been abandoned;Further concerns have arisen in relation to an open case to Children’s Social Care;Concerns of significant harm have risen for a child receiving a service as a Child in Need;More items…

When should I contact MASH?

If there is an immediate safeguarding concern where a child is deemed at risk or has potentially suffered significant harm, the MASH team should be contacted immediately. For example: Allegations/concerns that the child has been sexually/physically abused.

What should be included in a referral?

3. Making a ReferralAll known details of the child, including name, date of birth, family members and address;Any known aliases of adults in family/household;Previous addresses;Any relevant history relating to child or adult family/household members;Factual information about the concern, observation;More items…