How Do Pros Aim So Well?

Do pros use AIM trainers?

In conclusions, yes aim trainers is a more effective way of improving and warming up your aim contrary to playing the game.

This is why many professional players are using aim trainers nowadays..

How long does it take to get good at aiming?

around 3-4 weeksIt varies per person – if you’ve *never* used it before, I think average to become comfortable is around 3-4 weeks based on most comments I’ve seen. As for how you’re doing, the mouse *is* more accurate, but you may still just be more comfortable with a 360 pad.

Why am I so bad at aiming in FPS?

There are 2 main reasons, I’ve noticed, that cause people to have bad aim (excluding hardware). 1. Low DPI, High Sensitivity; this is mainly people who haven’t dabbled in there mouse settings or driver settings. Low DPI means that it takes a longer distance before the mouse registers a movement on-screen.

Who has the best aim in the world?

NiKo: 7 (denis, nitr0, ropz, s1mple, Snappi, Twistzz, dd)ScreaM: 6 (RUSH, f0rest, FalleN, olofmeister, tarik, shox)k0nfig: 2 (MSL, aizy)shox: 2 (kennyS, REZ)XANTARES: 2 (paz, XANTARES)coldzera: 2 (TACO, BnTeT)fer: 2 (boltzz, steel)s1mple: 1 (GuardiaN)More items…