Can Group Admin Delete Photos In WhatsApp?

Can WhatsApp admin delete messages everybody?

The Delete for everyone feature works for the sent messages only.

Meaning, you can only unsend messages that you have sent and not for somebody else.

For instance, if you are a group admin and someone sends an inappropriate message, you cannot delete it using the Delete for everyone feature..

How do I delete messages on WhatsApp after I selected Delete for me instead of Delete for everyone?

You needn’t panic. There is still a way to delete it. Just select the message press ‘Delete’ on the top bar which has other options like reply, mark star, copy, forward and information. Once you press ‘Delete,’ you’ll get two options – ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Delete for everyone’.

Can you delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after time limit?

Select the Delete for Everyone option, once this is done, go back and turn on your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data as per your usage. Then go back to the Settings app and revert the Date and Time to the original settings.

How do you change Delete for me to delete for everyone?

All you need to do is, select the message you want to delete, click on the delete bin, you will get three options – delete, delete for me, and delete for everyone. Click on Delete for Everyone option to delete the message for both sender and recipient. But, all of this should be done within 7 minutes.

How can I remove unwanted post from WhatsApp group?

Open WhatsApp and click and hold the message you want to delete. Press Delete for Everyone to permanently delete the WhatsApp and remove it from the recipient’s chat. Press Delete for Me to just remove the chat from your phone. Click OK and the message will be deleted.

How can I delete a WhatsApp group of which I am not the administrator?

Tap on the group you want to delete. Tap on the group name. Scroll down and select “Exit group”. Select “Exit group” again.

What can Admin do on WhatsApp?

Peek some of the things only group admins can do in a WhatsApp group below:Add people / members. … Removing members. … Appoint administrator. … Remove or Dismiss Admin. … Send messages. … Edit Group Info. … Delete group.

How can I permanently delete WhatsApp messages from both sides?

Here’s what you should do:Disconnect your phone from the Internet (Wi-Fi & mobile data).Go to your phone’s settings and change the date of your phone to one day before the message was sent.Select the message or messages and tap the delete button. … Go back to settings and correct the phone’s date.More items…•

Can Group Admin delete posts in WhatsApp?

No an admin cannot delete WhatsApp group post unless the post is distributed by himself. If the admin use original WhatsApp application, then he/she has 7 minutes to delete his/her own post in any chat including group.

Can an admin delete a WhatsApp group?

How to delete a WhatsApp group using your iPhone or Android device. You can only delete a WhatsApp group that you created yourself or that you are the admin of.

Is there a way to delete all participants from a WhatsApp group?

Remove participantsOpen the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject. Alternatively, tap and hold the group in the CHATS tab. Then tap More options > Group info.Tap the participant you wish to remove.Tap Remove {participant} > OK.